Life and Its Peculiarities

old man digging

Life is such a peculiar thing
as we go about our daily lives
for every action whatever it is
is needy enough to take our time.

How varied our tasks through the day
each important in their own way
to take up our time as we hurry along
trying hard to get everything done.

I used to think that when I retired
I would have more time to call my own
and yet in truth more busy am I
then ever when I was gainfully employed.

That is not to say that a slacker was I
as I went about my daily tasks
it’s just that now that I have more time
I pack more into every day.

Sometimes the work is very hard
when digging or building some project new
at others like painting, more tedious by far
hardly working my muscles except in my arm.

The work I do has a twofold task
one  is that it needs to be done
the other is to keep my body fit
and my mind active both as one.

And then at the end of each day
my dogs and I sit and relax
and watch a game on the TV
usually of soccer, my favorite sport.

To bed to refresh and recharge
ready to do it all over again
as with each day a new set of tasks
to keep me busy in the usual way.


What makes people tick?

Red Rose Bud

Red Rose Bud

I was sitting here looking at my blog and marvelling at the fact that yesterday I had the most hits that I have ever had and wondered what I did or wrote differently to manage this feat.

Some of it could be that I have not written anything in three-week due to being a bit under the weather and not really feeling like writing. Some of it may be due to the subject matter of the last three blogs all having to do with the death of a very dear friend. Maybe it’s because the last blog was a slide show with music which people liked to hear as well as view and they didn’t have to do any reading.

Who knows what it is that has people paying more attention to one blog than to a different one. Being people, we are all individuals and no two tastes are the same so what appeals to one may not appeal to another. Whatever it is, if I could just fathom out what it may be, I could write top blogs all of the time but alas, I really don’t have a clue as to why this happened.

Never mind. It’s my job to make everything interesting to somebody and if we don’t break anymore records, so what. It doesn’t change the fact that I like to write and most of the time, subject matter is not usually a problem.

Now if I could just figure out the secret…


Filling the Time

Old Man Water Feature

It used to be six months ago when I was sitting around and things were slow trying to find something to do, something useful, something new.

Generally, I would find something of the physical kind as that is what I have always done when I am of the mind that something I need to do today in the yard that I can say, “Look at this, look what I have done, different from I did before” as I view my work and feel so fine that I was not wasting my time.

Now, I am much older and know that physical things no longer show as top of the list when things are slow as they used to years ago.

My thoughts turn to the writing thing, a story or poem anything is better to fill my time instead of things of the physical kind.

It’s not that I am a lazy man, far be it for I have found that I enjoy working hard and things I take
to put together, something to make or a garden to shape so that things will grow, flowers will bloom and people will know that it did not happen all by itself, it took a little work from me and Nature and God and between we three we have turned what we have for all to see into this thing of lasting beauty.