Cold Weather


Sitting inside in the warm
looking out of the window
as the sun is shining bright
but it is cold, very cold.

Watching the dog move around
as he tries to find a spot
in the sun to warm his bones
so he can sleep.

Aware of the birds
who are squabbling on the feeders
along with a squirrel
who steals the sunflower seeds.

Even a pair of rats
from under the small stream close by
braving the hazards of daylight
are picking over the dropped seeds.


The other small dog rushes out
and barks at the squirrel
who chatters back at the dog
and then jumps into the tree.

The rats disappear into the rocks
to the safety of their nest
away from the dog
who is not much bigger than themselves.

Even though the sun is shining
it is too cold to stay outside
so I view the world
through my window.

This is Texas
and tomorrow
when the sun shines
it will be warm.

Squirrels and Bird Feeders

DSC_2146I have a crossteed bird feeder outside of my window that I built a couple of years ago for the many birds that visit and give me untold hours of pleasure just watching them. Among the many visitors are grey squirrels whose antics amuse me even more than the birds.

When the feeders are full, then it is easy pickings for everyone but when the feeders get low, especially the ones closest to the pole in the middle, then the squirrel has to resort to all forms of gymnastics in order to get anything out of the feeders. I am pretty sure it is the same squirrel all of the time as he/she tends to chase off any others that approach although I suppose they could be taking it in turns.

This particular fellow is very industrious and enterprising in his quest for mainly sunflower seeds. I have sat here and watched him figure out how to get the lids off some of the feeders so that he can then stick his head down inside the cylindrical shaped ones. He gets his head in, loads up with sunflower seeds and then pulls himself out to sit on one of the cross tees to eat his loot and then does it all over again. I am waiting for him to let loose with his back legs as they are all that it holding him up in his precarious position. If it happens, then I will have to save him/her as I can’t see it getting out by itself.

It’s hard to get mad at this little guy. I know that some people think of squirrels as a pest and shoot them or drive them off. The only time I get a little teed off is when they are destructive to the feeders, chewing them up and damaging them in their attempts to get at the food. When that happens, I mumble a few bad words under my breath and either repair the damaged feeder or go out and buy a new one.

Currently, I guess because there is so much other food available to the birds, I am not getting too may avian visitors of the smaller variety. I still get Ringneck Doves in abundance along with Cardinals, Blue Jays and even a couple of different woodpeckers, Downy, Golden Fronted and Red Bellied. The last one, incidentally is very noisy. That’s not to say that the smaller birds are not visiting, they are but not in the same numbers as through  the winter. Incidentally, I have bird feeders all over my yard and it usually takes more than a 100 pounds of feed every two weeks to keep them full.

But the squirrel is always there…

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Fresh and Green


                New Greenery

The view from my window though wonderfully green
has changed so much from things that were seen
before the seasons changed to Spring
are now no longer visible to me
as I cannot see through the leaves on the trees
so thick and new and beautifully green.

During the winter months with the leaves all down
I was able to see all through the grounds
to watch and see what was around.
like squirrels running from tree to tree
chasing each other away from the feed
put out for the birds in the form of seed.

The birds all gather in little flocks
before swooping in on the perches to feed
Goldfinches abound in their special way
with a dozen or more all at having their say
feeding and squabbling as they search for the seed
put out for them to satisfy their needs.

The Ring-Necked Doves come in threes and fours
trying to perch in places where they
are far too big and cannot stay
as with a fluttering of wings they scramble away
to settle in the trees and watch the show
before giving it another go.

I love this time of the year
with everything so green and new
with leaves so thick and growth so wild
and plants springing up where there were none
as nature performs her miracle of life
to make everything come back as one.

A Rainy Day in Texas

Blue Bird on Feeder

Blue Bird on Feeder

As I sit here in front of the glass
that looks out onto my back yard
teeming with birds of every kind
all visiting the feeders that I keep supplied
with food for them and the squirrels too
although for them uninvited guests
do help themselves whenever they want
only driven by the dogs who bark and chase
them back aloft where they sit and wait
and scold the dogs and chatter away
as though to say, “Go away, Go away”.



This battle goes on a daily basis
and sometimes the dogs manage to chase
the squirrels out of the yard by following them
and barking hard, loud enough that the squirrels decide
to leave where it is quieter but not for good
as the feeders supply them with plenty of food.

Sometimes the rats at night do raid
the feeders for they have found
easy pickings to help their insatiable need
for food of every kind and size.

Racoons or also troublesome too
and with them they are big enough
that damage to the feeders they cause
in their effort to get to the seed inside.

I have seen the feeders bent in two
or dragged up on the roof askew
in their attempts to get to the seed inside
and any method they know will try.

Today it is raining and is cold and wet
not the day to adventure out to work
in the yard as Lord only knows
there is plenty to do now the frost
has touched everything with its icy blast

Frost Damage

Frost Damage

Several days will be needed to clear the yard
of all of dead growth frozen hard
but that is OK as out with the old
Nature will spring into life and will grow
new where the old no longer resides.

Together this is an amazing thing
as the cycle of life continues on
each year singing the same old tune
out with the old and in with the new.

Thank goodness that nature knows what to do
as we would be in trouble if she forgot
and decided that this year she had enough
and was no longer going to supply us with new.

I guess I will sit inside and look
out on the yard and watch things unfold
as the birds squabble over what feeder to pick
although the one right next door
would do the trick but no, that’s not the right one
so it seems as the birds fight over on which one to perch.

Winter Snow Scene

Winter Snow Scene

The one thing I am real grateful for
that here in my part of Texas
really bad weather is not usually on call
at least of snow and freezing rain
and winter to us is remarkably short
and will start to warm up in about a month
and things will be growing all over again.

We need the rain Lord only knows
as we have not had any amount
of rain in a couple of years
and drought conditions persist throughout.

Wildfires will a worry be
as things continue to be dry
no burning of refuse is allowed
which means on the compost heap will I
have to stack all of the stuff
from my garden that I cut
and the compost heap already high
will then reach up to the sky.

But worry not for with the spring
the garden I will need to mulch
and with the heap that I already have
should have enough to cover all.