When I look at you, what do you see?

Dahlia Preference

Dahlia Preference (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you look at a person what do you see
beyond their obvious physical tone
do you see beauty where there is none
or does the person have to meet
strict standards that only you alone
dare to impose as the proper one.

While it is true what appeals to others
may not always appeal to you
if slim and shapely be your choice
as opposed to someone more rounded in size
or maybe its the other way around
and your preference of large can be found.
If you judge solely by his or her looks
and to you this must be met
aren’t you missing out in other ways
like personality and caring, loving and grace
and if you never give the other a chance
you will never find out for yourself
just how kind and good because to you
none of these things come shining through.

I fear if you set your standards so high
or if so judgemental you may be
what right do you others to judge
when you may be no real catch
and love you will never match.

If you read this and it strikes a bell
and if you are looking for a mate
you must broaden your vision and be free
with more honesty and less desire
to find that perfect mate for you
because in truth you may not be
much of a catch yourself to view.

But then again if you search
for perfection and it can’t be found
not for you a happy mate
but instead the lonely sound
of you crying yourself to sleep
alone in this world no partner to keep.

Energy to burn-It’s all gone

Gloria-George and Abel

Gloria-George and Abel

I have one of those days where I have to say
it’s difficult to get moving.
I woke up fine having drawn the line with
no dreams to keep me from going
For when I dream, I always seem
to have to fight or have to run
and find I can’t do either.

I have had a busy week
regardless of what people think
it’s hard to load out rock.
Even with the help one end
when I get to the other
I am the one that unloads the trailer.

Seven loads in all I did haul
from my  friends house in Austin
in between each time I helped them plan
the work that they were doing.

A view of the unfinished sidewalk

A view of the unfinished sidewalk

Replacing the rock that I have at my house
with patio stone of pretty design
they were working so hard out in the sun
the sweat on them was starting to run
into their eyes and soaking their shirt
for such is the nature of working outside
in 100 degrees in Austin.

My friends are smart and make an early start
when the weather is cooler
by 11:00 o’clock they are starting to wilt
with the hot sun beating down on them.

But wait, I do digress as this story is not about them
as I complain to the dogs the only ones around
about the fact that I have no life and even less energy.
I guess moving rock has taken its toll
on my aged body.

So stay inside for the rest of the day
and write bad poetry sounds like a plan
that I can follow or maybe a nap just to catch
up on sleep missed as I was dreaming.