Raining Cats and Dogs.

cats and dogs

I took another drive today
this one to the  store along the way
as I was running out of food
which my fridge did not include.

It was raining cats and dogs
which I have never understood
how did that saying come about
as there were no animals underfoot.

I hurried quickly into the store
as the rain came down just like before
I grabbed a cart and walked inside
to get the few things my list described.

I quickly bought the very few things
and spent more time at the Higi screen
trying to see if I was alive
as my blood pressure and pulse did provide.

Satisfied that I was not dead
to the checkouts I quickly went
paid my fee and grabbed my cart
back to the car ready to depart.

It was still raining those same cats and dogs
as back to my house without further loss
of time as I needed to get home
with my groceries no more to roam.

I got back home to my cats and dogs
they were not raining I am at a loss
they were perfectly dry no sign of rain
and pleased to see me back home again.



Plans and the Weather.

dsc_4258Just as I had made plans to go walking at Pedernales Falls State Park today, the weather decided that it was not going to cooperate and the day turned into one of those wet, drizzly days when it is not sure that it really wants to rain but is wet enough to be uncomfortable out on the trail. I can’t complain about the temperature as it is a balmy 75 degrees, just right for walking. Not too hot and not too cold.

I spent some of the extra time reading emails and catching up with the latest news from around the World which of course, included all kinds of stuff about the upcoming election here in the US. Personally, I will be glad when next Tuesday arrives and even more glad when it is over. I have given up trying to understand the workings of some of my fellow Americans minds and have long ago decided that the news agencies have done everything they can to continue to stir up trouble for both candidates. I will not hide the fact that I am a Democrat and have already cast my vote for Hillary Clinton who, in my mind has by far the better credentials and experience than does Trump.

I have joked to my friends that if Trump does become the next President, it would be time for me to give up my American Citizenship and go back to England where they have their own troubles. Actually, it rains too much and is way too cold after living in Texas all of these years that I don’t think I would last very long over there and it is not a very viable alternative.

What I would really like is to buy 20 acres way out in the back of beyond and build a small cabin and live off the grid for as long as possible but at almost 81 years old, maybe that too is pie in the sky.

So I guess that if I keep a low profile for the next 4 years, maybe I will get by unnoticed. After all, I am an immigrant too albeit a white boy from the old country. Just kidding of course but it does raise the question of what Trump will bring to this country if he is elected.

Back to the weather, tomorrow is supposed to clear up and just be cloudy. Maybe I can get that walk in after all.

This Dull Gray Day

Dull Grey Day

Dull Grey Day

Looking out of my window at a dull grey day
hoping that the clouds will soon pass away
and that the sun will shine to brighten the way
on this dull grey day.

If it were to rain I would not mind
for we will take rain of any kind
and rain we need to keep things green
but not this dull grey day.

As I look out my mood reflects
what I see through the glass
trying hard to cheerful be
on this dull grey day.

At last the sun is peeking through
and the mood is lifting with the different view
and happy are we with feelings anew
from this dull grey day.