This past year 2015.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Out with the old and in with the new.

This year has finally come to an end
and with it I made many new friends
new events and new scenery and places to walk
meeting other people who like to talk
about ponds and hiking and getting outside
viewing Nature and the beauty she provides
working out at the gym along with others the same
wanting to get our bodies in shape
to be able to do all these wondrous things
and live life to fullest the best way we know how
and the time to do this has to be now.
for life can play some terrible tricks
and things can get in a bit of a fix
as things don’t always work out the way
and we often put off to another day
working on this or attending to that
and often having to take the flack
for things that are not always our fault
at which point as a last resort
we go back to the gym or take a long walk
to work off the frustration that it has brought.

Sometimes things just can’t be fixed
especially if someone is very sick
and they turn for the worst and then they die
and in our hearts we ask ourselves why
how is it we can lose our friends
or parents or pets  who to the end
have lived on this earth the same as we
with lives no different that we can see
and yet they got sick and then they died
why them you ask and why not me.
I guess in the big scheme of things
we all have a turn but who will decide
who lives, who dies who get sick or stays well
who goes to Heaven or who goes to Hell.

We are ready to start a brand new year
hoping it brings nothing but cheer
good health and happiness and riches too
or whatever it is that we each really want
with our own ideas of how to proceed
and hope that in everything we will have needs
and yet at the back of everyone’s mind
is a little doubt of the future and what it holds
for us individually and as a group
and what can we do, what steps so bold
to make sure that life for us will unfold
and for our friends and family too
and our pets who without a part is lost
as they enter our lives with nothing but love
all they need is the same for us to give.

One thing we can bet with our lives
that every morning the sun will rise
and as long as we are able to wake
then a good day we will be partake
for if in fact our number is up
and in the night death came our way
thinking of those we left behind
who in this race will carry on
until the time when they will be gone
we are born, we live and then we die
this scheme of things of which we are sure
and it will be for evermore.

Happy New Year.


Zion National Park, Utah

Zion National Park, Utah

I went a day without a say
and found I couldn’t stand it
So to make a change and have things my way
I complained to the neighbor
I have no idea what complaint I had
but it must not have been too bad as
she in turn gave me hell
for being so miserable
part of what she said to me was
“Get over it you fool”.

No one has called me a fool in a while
I couldn’t help but break into a smile
and then we both began to laugh
as her comment hit home, I must be daft
to think that an argument I could win
with someone of the opposite sex
after three marriages I would learn
and pick my fights with a better bet.

Next time I want to blow of steam
you can be sure that I have learned
and my argument will be at the dogs
who obviously will not understand
and will still love me no matter what
stupid things I care to say
just as long as I don’t raise my voice
everything will work out OK.

Of course I am making this up
as my neighbor I have not seen
but the line popped into my head
and seemed like a good piece to write
notice that the picture above
is of a very peaceful scene
which is how I feel most of the time
except when my favorite football team
does something stupid and loses a game
and that is when I really complain…