The Beauty of Nature


I love to look out at the world
to see the beauty that is there
with things so green and colors so bright
as Nature’s brush paints everywhere.

The beauty shines in so many ways
in the sky the water and land
and no matter how hard we try
we cannot match her plan.

With so much beauty in front of our eyes
you would think we would understand
that Nature’s gift is not for free
and our part we need to plan.

To clean the air we breath would be a start
followed by the seas
and stop destroying the very land
as Nature has decreed

For we are such an arrogant bunch
in ourselves we only believe
that the Earth was put here just for us
that our lives are interweaved.

We cannot continue to rape and kill
that which Nature provides
for all too soon she will turn
and our end she will decide.

Written 6/27/2018

Spring. The most wonderful time of the year.

SpringTime, which never really stops, has marched forward for another year and it is Spring.

Spring, a time of new growth and new beginnings as Mother Nature awakes in a constant cycle of seasons.

Trees, which just a week ago were bare are now proudly sprouting new growth and a new cover of fresh green leaves.

Plants are pushing their way through the soil and green leaves and flowers are everywhere.

Things and distances that I could see just a week ago are now no longer visible, hidden by a beautiful canopy of green.

The birds are singing and looking for a mate, if they have not already found one.

The fish in the ponds are chasing each other around as the males swim against the females to stimulate the reproduction process.

Babies, the ever wonderful way of Nature to re-produce herself.

Spring, a time of re-growth and new growth.

Everything is painted a fresh new green.
and the cycles go on and on….


Mowing the grass.

lawn mowerThe deck is done
the septic is fixed
wonder what I need do next.
I know, I will mow the berm
between my house and Thomas Springs Road
it gets mowed but twice a year
and the grass is longer than ever I fear
this is the only time I get to sit
on my tractor mower bought for a song
especially for when the grass grows long
a couple of hours and I will be done
black mowerand driving the mower will have been fun
the mower then will be put away
ready to mow on another day
meanwhile the grass will slowly grow
in the heat of summer it is slow
until sometime later in the Fall
I will start the mower again once more
and we will do it all again
just me and the mower
my twice a year friend
I have other grass to mow
but getting to it is kinda slow
as the paths are too narrow
and the ponds are too big
so for that I use a different tool
one not as much fun that uses less fuel
just a regular walk behind old in years
walk behindthat always starts up with no fears
of pulling the chord several dozen times
and cussing and turning the air blue all around
with frustration because it will not start
for this old mower is one of a kind
and it will start on the second pull
for an old machine it is truly cool
it vibrates and rattles as it drives along
but it cuts the grass which is all that counts
an old machine hard to live without.

Spring Time



I love the spring
when everything is green
and looks so new.

The animals and birds know its spring
as they chase each other around
following their natural tendencies
to breed.

Even humans seem more cheerful
as they go about their tasks
with everyone happy.

I love the spring
as Mother Nature shines out
in all of her glory.

Barton Creek Greenbelt Walk in December

I took a walk on one of the Barton Creek Greenbelt trails back in December. The walk was pleasant enough and very invigorating and it was a beautiful day and not cold at all. There was a lot of grey and not much greenery to be expected even in a Texas winter. I took a few pictures and have them on show below. Enjoy.

Fall Ramblings

Things are still so green...

Things are still so green…

As I walked around the garden today
a thought occurred to me this way
Texas Fall is very much the same
as Texas Spring in so many ways.
Things are green and everywhere you look
are flowers of many kinds with some
that only flower in the Fall
as other do only in the Spring

The start of Spring is cool and mild
which stays this way for a couple of weeks
but it quickly warms up fast
as temperatures begin to peek
heading towards a hundred degrees
as Summer takes over from the Spring

Fall goes the opposite way
with a slow and general drop
from a hundred degrees to cool at night
as the temperature declines
until a jacket or some other warm clothes
are needed to keep off the chill.

Texas Springs are very short
lasting no more than two or three weeks
and you know when Summer is here
as temperatures are on an upward climb

Texas Fall longer does last
sometimes for a couple of months
enough to fool the plants that are green
until the first frost comes along
and wipes them all out one by one

With a very short Winter
and usually not hard
a frost or two and maybe some snow
that looks pretty until it disappears
and then the process begins
all over as the temperature starts to climb
and Spring is on us just once more.

The first buds start to break out
and plants shoot up from the ground
and some may surprise us in a nice way
as we thought they no longer had life
but left them in just in case
hoping they would grow another day.

Of all of the seasons that Nature provides
Texas Fall is my favorite by far
Things are still green and color abounds
with flowers everywhere and leaves turning brown
and temperatures in a downward climb
to where a jacket at night keeps me warm
but during the day the sun is still hot
enough that shorts and tee shirts are fine.

Snow on the deck...

Very Late Snow on the deck…

Another Rainy Day

Rainy Day in Texas

Rainy Day in Texas

It’s another rainy day and the skies are so grey
that makes three in a row and as we all know
here in Texas it is almost a record
as more than a shower at any one time
get’s people talking and saying how fine is this rain
we certainly need it, how much did you get, it is plain
to see how exciting rain can be for we have been lacking
and many inches behind and we all know that without rain
things don’t grow, our plants and flowers and farm crops too
wither and die a sorry sight as everything dries up
and yards and gardens that should be so green
are now brown and just dismal a site to be seen.

We wonder if when Spring comes around
how much of this stuff that is now very brown
will flourish and grow back beautifully green
and if Nature has safeguarded herself in between
the showers and seasons and is just resting now
ready to emerge with a flourish and bow
when Spring comes around and things start to grow
if it does then we will all know
that the rain, the glorious rain did the trick
and more we need to keep things looking slick
as Nature recovers from her own delays
of making it rain on more than one day.