Flowers in my Garden, Spring 2017

Flowers in my Garden Spring 2017 from Francis Allcorn on Vimeo.


A walk with Friends, McKinney Roughs 10-9-2016

dsc_4115My good friends, Gloria  and George called me that they had finally returned after having spent 2 months away in Colorado  and New Mexico. The first thing they wanted to do when they got back was to take a hike at McKinney Roughs. I was all for it so we made arrangements to meet up at the Pope Bend Trailhead.

Bobby and Nina, their two dogs were just as excited to see me as I was to greet my friends. Bobby would not leave me alone until I made a big fuss of him. Our plan was to follow the trails that I had covered the last time I was there a couple of days before. That was, to take Roadrunner to Buckeye, then Pecan Bottom, Deep Sandy, Coyote Road and finally back on Roadrunner. We passed the Giant Pecan Tree and try as I might, I could not find a good location that would allow me to take a picture of the whole tree.


We met up with one family of four adults and two kids. One of the little girls was ahead of the rest of her family and was obviously playing a game with them as when I stood there talking to them, she whooped at them to let them know where she was.


Even though there were several horse trailers at the Trailhead, we only got to meet up with one horse and rider and that was as we were almost back to the Trailhead. Both very willingly posed for the camera.


I am still surprised that there are still flowers out in abundance especially the yellow daises. The trails are lined with them.

As usual, I took pictures of the trails which seems to be one of my favorite subjects. At McKinney, the trails are always in good shape as LCRA take care of their Parks. The little dogs always manage to get into the picture one way or the other.

Altogether we covered about 5.5 miles. The weather is beginning to cool down and the hiking is very enjoyable because of it. My friends left and I sat there for a while just enjoying the peacefulness of the great outdoors and Mother Nature at her very best.

The Beauty of Flowers

I guess that because of our early Spring here in my part of Texas, the flowers are just going nuts and putting on a wonderful display. I have never seen so many Roses and Iris and other flowers in my garden. Enjoy.

As before, if you click on any flower, it will enlarge them to full size and then you can use the arrows to move them along. Use the “Escape” key to get back.

Spring Flowers 2016

Spring came early this year even for those of us that live in Texas thanks mainly for the fact that this was the mildest winter that I can remember in the 42 years I have lived here. These pictures are from the flowers in my garden or ponds.

If you click on any picture it makes it full size and then you can click again to move them along. Use the “Escape” key to get back to normal.

Spring. The most wonderful time of the year.

SpringTime, which never really stops, has marched forward for another year and it is Spring.

Spring, a time of new growth and new beginnings as Mother Nature awakes in a constant cycle of seasons.

Trees, which just a week ago were bare are now proudly sprouting new growth and a new cover of fresh green leaves.

Plants are pushing their way through the soil and green leaves and flowers are everywhere.

Things and distances that I could see just a week ago are now no longer visible, hidden by a beautiful canopy of green.

The birds are singing and looking for a mate, if they have not already found one.

The fish in the ponds are chasing each other around as the males swim against the females to stimulate the reproduction process.

Babies, the ever wonderful way of Nature to re-produce herself.

Spring, a time of re-growth and new growth.

Everything is painted a fresh new green.
and the cycles go on and on….


Brave Flowers

From my Neighbors Yard

I was looking at the flowers still in bloom in my neighbors front yard and could not resist the urge to take pictures of them to show the world. December in Texas and still blooming.

The Austin Pond Society Annual Pond and Garden Tour 2015

The Austin Pond Society held it’s Annual Pond and Garden Tour on the weekend of June 6-7 with the North side of Austin and surrounding Towns on Saturday and the South Side on Sunday. On Saturday Night, there was one single pond on the Tour that the owners had lit up especially for this occasion.

To view the pictures and the write ups for each of the tours, click on the headings.
North Tour

South Tour

Night Tour