Blank Screen and Blank Thoughts…

epl-table-2015-live-score-results-channel-today-game-epl-tableI turned on my computer and brought up my blog site with a fresh clean page all ready for me to peck away with many words of wisdom.
I stared and stared and nothing came to mind, just a blank screen looking back at me.
I thought of all of the subjects that I have written about in the past and that still didn’t help.
Maybe a poem, I thought but I could not think of what to rhyme about so I gave up on that idea.
I have spent this past week working on the Austin Pond Society web site. Now, it is finished and I can’t think of anything else to do to it for a while.
Night has fallen and it is dark outside so I can’t work on the ponds or go for a hike.
It would appear that my mind is a blank and needs firing up a little.
To hell with writing, I am going to watch the English Premier League and my favorite soccer teams…Manu

Today is Saturday…

Have A Nice Saturday

It used to be many years ago that Saturday was a special day
a day off from work and all that went with making a living
and instead of jumping out of bed and fighting through the sleep
trying to be awake enough to be ready for the day
and then remember that I didn’t have to work
and would roll over and snooze for another couple of hours
until the dogs would fuss, reminding me that it was time for them to eat.

Maybe there were things to do that I had planned
things around the house or the yard
gardening and pulling weeds or maybe cleaning the filters on the ponds
or playing with the dogs in a game of tag
that they would always win as they were much faster than me
and in my much younger years, a game of football with my friends
to spend an afternoon just kicking a ball or kicking the other players
whichever got in the way.
and drinking beer and socializing and shouting insults to the men and women
all friends, in the games that followed ours.

In the evening, maybe a night out with my friends
or if I was very lucky, a hot date with a current lady friend
to take to dinner and wine and dine her
and pay her all of the attention that a man does
when he is besotted with her charms and good looks
in the hopes that the evening would end on a favorable note.

Maybe it was a quiet night, one spent in with the TV
watching the English Premier League soccer games
and marveling at the skills of the players
with the things they could do with a ball
thinking of my own skills
and feeling very inadequate.

Now, many years later, retired from work
no longer having to worry about the time
or even what day it is
when Saturday rolls around
unless something special is planned
it is just the same as the rest of the days of the week.

Too old to play football and no longer able to kick the ball or the other players
but still watching the  English Premier League
and now saying, “I used to be able to do that, way back when”.
I could run and jump and was as light as a feather on my feet
but now, every muscle aches if I try to extend my body
beyond anything out of the norm

So I am reduced to a work out in the gym every couple of days
lifting weights that are half what I used to be able to lift
looking at all of the beautiful women and the muscular young men
and then coming back to reality when the ones who really need the work
those that are very overweight and way too heavy
come into view.

There are many old people both men and women, like me
who exercise for a different reason, in the hope that
by thinking young and rolling back the years
that big clock on the wall will slow down
and buy us a bit more time on this earth
time that we will spend, dreaming of the past
and things that were and life as it used to be.

But, it is still Saturday
not like the days of old it is true
but any day alive on this earth is a good day
to breathe the air and feel the sun warm on my body
and know that I have been blessed
with one more day…
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NBC and the EPL

Premier League

Sent on Saturday, September 14, 2013.



My name is Francis Allcorn an ex-pat from England and getting on a bit. I have been in this country for over 40 of those years. One of my greatest pleasures is to watch the English Premier League and I have done whenever possible.

When Fox Sports had the contract, the coverage was extremely good and at any given time, I was able to watch all 10 of the Premier games. If I did happen to miss any, there were always lots of re-runs through the week. I guess I got used to it and as with all good things, it came to an end when NBC was awarded the contract.

For starters, my cable/internet company, Time Warner was not on the list of providers which meant that I was not able to watch any games on my laptop although I could watch the 4 or 5 that were shown on the television. I resolved this issue by changing cable companies to ATT U-Verse which also cost money. Imagine my dismay when I discovered that this morning, there were 5 games on NBCSports/Extra/Live and they were all at the same time, 10:00 am. Now please tell me, what sort of service is this when I can only watch 1 of the 5 games. Why are they all shown at the same time? Is it not possible to spread them out so they are shown one after the other or at the very least, make them available via video through the week. To show them once with no repeats is doing the American Public a grave injustice and puts ardent soccer fans like me at a real disadvantage.

I tried to compensate and had my laptop showing one game with one of my video recorders taping that game. The quality of the video is bloody awful to say the least. I then had my Surface showing a different game and alongside of that, my I-Phone showing yet a third game. I tried to get a game to come up on my TV which has internet capabilities but was unable to get the video to open. I was going to film that with my other video recorder to watch later but obviously, was unable to do so.

As you can tell from this monologue, it is not for the want of trying. The bottom line is that as a company, you have not planned this whole thing very well and I am truly surprised that you were awarded the contract based on your method of making the games available. Amazing how money speaks as quite obviously, you have very little concern about your end product or to the viewers like me who like to watch these games. Luckily for me, I am fairly technically savvy but there are an awful lot of people who are not and you have succeeded in taking away from them, the ability to watch what for many of us, is the highlight of the week.

I would be willing to bet that you have probably received thousands of complaints from viewers like me very unhappy with the current scheme of things. I know we are stuck with it but I would petition you on behalf of all of those other people besides myself that you stagger the times so that not all of the games on NBCSports/Extra/Live are not all shown at the same time and also to make them available via video so that they can be viewed at a different time.

I am not expecting that you will even respond to this let alone make any changes but it would be nice.