The Search Goes On…

Ginny the new girl

Ginny, the last one remaining of the original dogs…

As I am still looking for a companion for my little Dachshund, Ginnie, the loner and only female in the group, I decided to head to the three different Dog Rescues that I tend to visit on a periodic basis.

The first and furthest away is in Bastrop, a distance of 38 miles from my house. That is the same place that I got Mikey although at the time, his name was Charlie. It doesn’t seem to matter what I call him as he only comes when he feels like it. Actually, that is not really true as when I am out in the yard and working around the ponds, he is usually no more than a couple of steps away. Only if Ginnie starts to bark at something which she is prone to do, will he tear off at top speed to help her investigate whatever she was barking at.

I walked around the kennels at the Bastrop Rescue, many of which are empty as they are not inundated with dogs at this time. I did not see one Great Pyrenees and that has to be a first as usually, there are 2-3 of them. In the small dogs, they had a few mixed breeds and Chihuahuas, several of which were either males and/or in pairs. I didn’t see a single female that I thought would be a good companion for Ginnie.

My next stop was at the Austin Animal Shelter on Levander Loop which is the biggest of all of the places I visit. They had a lot of little dogs of all breeds and shapes and sizes but many had adopted stickers or were males. None of them said to me, “Take me home”.

My final stop was  at Austin Pets Alive in Tarrytown which is a little different than most shelters. It has four different areas all one after the other where they house the dogs several to an area. As these areas are adjoining, it is always a noisy place to visit as one barking dog sets off the rest of them. Again, these are all small dogs of different mixed breeds and varieties with Chihuahuas being the predominant strain and again, very few were female. So, very reluctantly, I left and made my way home wishing that that I was filthy rich and could give all of the dogs that I had seen today, a permanent place to call home.

Next week, I will take a drive to Georgetown, the place where I got Gizzy, just in case another small female dog is there and looking for a home.

Written 8/26/2018

My Little Dog

Ginny the new girl

Ginny, the last one remaining of the original dogs…

I lost one of my dogs today
she was not there in time to play
she had her shots the day before
and I knew she was a little sore
I watched her wander out into the yard
and settle down on the deck so hard
I thought she would probably sleep for a while
from soreness to be free
when I looked up she was gone
and I hadn’t seen her go
so I walked out into the yard
and started searching high and low
calling her name again and again
in an all to familiar refrain
Ginnie, Ginnie-Girl, I called
where are you was the cry
but true to form no sound was borne
no barks or whines leaving me forlorn
I searched and searched in the hope
of finding a trace  of my little girl
I searched for an hour or maybe two
but ended up with nary a clue
and then I heard a familiar bark
as Mikey found something new
he had not helped to show the way
to find his buddy with whom he plays
but his bark brought another too
as Ginnie answered in a muffled tone
so I figured that under the deck
she had manage to crawl all alone
although I really haven’t a clue
where she found the entrance to
for I thought that I had blocked it all up
so that the dogs would not venture there
for fear that the snakes would find it cool
and a place to shelter without fear
I took down a piece of the lattice to see
if my little girl would come to me
but she ignored my plea to come
and left me standing all alone
wondering just what was the next move
I would have to crawl in there I supposed
and then I turned only to see
my little girl walking free
limping a little from yesterdays shots
feeling sorry for herself for getting lost
as I made a fuss helped a little in part
by Mikey, tail wagging, adding his bark.


Mikey looking very bright

Written 8/14/2018

More thoughts on dogs…

Danny with his buddy Richie

Danny with his buddy Richie

Following my blog today
about Ginny, my little dog
I have had many people say
how much they love and care
for the dogs who are in their lives
no matter what the size
or breed or whether mutt
or with papers of the registered kind.

Their personalities are of their own
no two alike even though
from the same family
they may come
brother and sister.

The people all say the same as me
that dogs are a part of the family
to be loved and cared for
and taken for walks
to be brushed and combed
and made to look nice
needless to say it does suffice
for some just feeding is enough
no brushing as smooth coats have they.

People say, where would we be
without a dog in the family
Life would just not be the same
for some who through no fault of their own
find themselves living alone
well, not quite alone as a dog or two
makes up the number and fills the space
as with their presence they do grace.

The only fear that I have
is that the dogs may outlive me
and that from beyond the grave
in the depths of eternity
a worried spirit I will be, wondering
how they are and who has them now
hoping that they are with
a good home and family.

I wonder if from beyond the grave
as that same worried spirit
I can behave as a ghost
to come back to see
what is happening to my family
of dogs, the ones I left behind
just to make sure they are doing fine.

And what if I find they are not
what then, do I become
a ghost that haunts or wants revenge
on the family who my pets are now with
in the hope that in some mysterious way
I can still have some say
even from beyond the grave
making sure they behave
and look after my pets, the ones that I love
in the same way just as before
when on the earth, I still walked
Damn, these are scary thoughts…

Routine Maintenance or just Busy Work…

Fish Fountain Water Feature

I was in one of the ponds the other day fixing a pipe that had gone astray
the pipe to the Fish Fountain Statue led but was  spraying water in the pond instead.

I do not mind getting in the ponds when the water is warm and the temperature high
for it is like a swimming pool, but not as clean and a little green with algae
and dirt floating around and with fish for company tho they cannot be found
except when against my leg they do swim not knowing who this is and why
I am around but they really don’t care as I move slowly so as not to step
on any of them and I cannot  forget that at least two turtles live in the pond
so warily as I move along  just in case  one under my foot should be found.

With so many ponds it’s hard to say which one the turtles are in today
as on the  move they can often be found going on walkabout
without much design as the course they are taking to them seems fine
Richie, the dachshund kicks up a fuss  as he barks frantically to make me aware
at least, I like to think it is so but probably he is more interested to go
to see to the turtle what he can do although with the big one he has met his match
and the big turtle retreats into his shell at the noise
and is too heavy for Richie to surprise by flipping on his back
as this seems to be his favorite thing.
The small one is more of a match as on his shell Richie chews
in a frantic attempt to eat him as he does with the rats in the shed.

I fixed the pipe,it didn’t take much and while I was there the pond I did clean.
Keep in mind the ponds do reside under the trees which means
that leaves are always inside the ponds
so now and then, with my hands as a shovel I scoop out the muck
and onto the bank it goes and then in go the hands for another big load
and so it goes on until satisfied me that the pond is as clean
as it’s going to be as leaves fall in it all of the time
and cleaner than clean is not my line besides the muck in the bottom I find
is a place where the Koi can nuzzle around to find tidbits and larvae and small little bugs
that add to their diet instead of the stuff that I feed.

Turtles in Stream Pond

Red Eared Sliders

In go my hands just one more time, whats this round and hard with sharp little claws
its one of the turtles the middle-sized one who struggles and scratches
as I lift him out just to quickly examine him and to see
if any leeches have attached to his body as they will kill him given the time
as is the way Nature decrees as we all fall in line in the food chain
and in the grand  scheme of things.

The pipe is fixed and the pond is clean
at least cleaner than before I started the task.
While I was at it a pump I did change as the old one was stopped more than it pumped
which is a sure sign that it’s on it’s way out. It will soon be history and will be added to the pile of used pumps that I have out of view.

I check its number and make a note to see if under warranty
Darn, it’s not so there goes that hope of exchange for a new one mainly
to put on the shelf as it’s a pretty safe bet that given the time
one of the pumps will go off-line
and the new one that’s sitting on the shelf will be placed into action
it’s work to begin and the old one back on the pile will be thrown.

I clean up the mess of the leaves from the pond and put water lilies back in the tank
to recover from damage the Koi they did make
as they chewed and buffeted them all along
I replaced the lilies with strong growing ones and in a safety net did place
to protect them from the damaging Koi  as in the ponds they do grace.

Water Lily in net

Routine stuff all  in a day but not if the Koi had their way
as damage they do to anything new that is green and tender
as on them they chew.

I walk the yard, what else do I see that needs attention immediately.
Ah yes, the filters need to be changed and then cleaned to be used again
simple work it is true but the difference is great what the filters can do
to keep water clean, after the dirt I kicked up
as I was cleaning out the muck.

I change the filters and hose them down knowing that the next time I’m out
checking things in the yard to see the things to be done will always include
feeding fish which is fun to watch as they splash and turn
disturbing the water in their mad dash to eat as much of the food as they can.

If nothing is found then inside I’ll go, give the dogs cookies
as they hang around,  check for messages, oh good nothing for me,
this gives me a chance to work on this blog as in the back of my mind this idea I have
of writing about my dip in the pond.

Weiner Dog Races in Buda. 4/28/29 2012

Definately not of the racing kind

Definitely not of the racing kind

Having three dachshunds of my own, I decided to visit the Weiner Dog racing in Buda. This event is held every year put on by the Buda Lions Club. This was not my first visit as I went a couple of years ago but I had not thought to find out the time of the actual races and missed them. This time, after logging on to their website to get the schedule, I made sure to go at the appropriate time.

The organizers changed things around this year and did not have on-site parking but instead, opened up a temporary parking lot close to Cabelas and ran a bunch of school shuttle buses to and from the Race Track. This turned out to be a good system and the wait was only about twenty minutes, in both directions.

My original plan was to go down on Saturday to watch the races but I enjoyed myself so much that I decided to go back on Sunday to watch the final race and shoot a video of it which I have posted below. One problem with filming the races is the amount of time it takes for those little guys to run the track which is only 40 yards long. They are so quick that the race is over in about 20 seconds which does not give a lot of time to film. The other problem is that the dogs are so small, it’s hard to pick out any individual one. Maybe with better equipment or an even better filming location, the end result would be more pleasing.

When you view the video, you will see a person in each lane walking backwards or performing some other antics, jumping up and down, waving their arms and such. These are the dog owners and they are trying to keep their dogs attention. Most have a doggy toy or ball or whatever the dog is used to playing with in an attempt to keep them focused.

This was the fifteenth time that the Buda Lions Club has held these races and they attract dogs and their owners from all over the country. Some people are very serious and work with their dogs. Others just enter the dog and hope it will run in a straight line to the finish and not get tangled with any of the other dogs on the way. Some dogs get carried away with the chase and find another one to pick on which generally results in both dogs finishing last. Other dogs veer across the track cutting off other dogs or even bumping into them. It is fun to watch and all of these antics add to the excitement.

I overheard one owner talking to another about the races. One was complaining bitterly that one of the other dogs was picking on hers during her race and this was the reason her dog lost. What did she expect, they are dogs after all and those sort of things are likely to happen. The announcer said that they had raced over 400 dogs  in the two days. You would have thought that the younger two-three year old dogs would be faster but the age of the first three winning dogs was surprising. None was younger than seven. Maybe in lack of speed, they were focused and ran a straight line with no distractions.

In the two days I was there, I have never seen so many wiener dogs in one place. It seemed that every second person had one either on a leash or sometimes in a baby carriage built for small dogs. There were other dogs besides dachshunds of all shapes and sizes. What was interesting about the dachshunds was the variety. They come in three sizes, standard, medium and small and some have smooth coats, others have long hair and they are different in their markings. I only saw one really overweight dachshund in the two days and that one matched it’s owner…

The event is not restricted solely to the racing. There were a whole bunch of tents set up selling all kinds of stuff. As expected, a lot of doggy items but I found one tent that was selling welded wrought iron works of art. On Saturday, I bought a little four-wheel cart for holding flower pots which I was able to purchase for twenty dollars. I have it in the garden already. My hardest part was getting on the school bus with my treasure and by the time I got back to my car, that thing had gotten awful heavy.

Not to be outdone by finding my Saturday treasure, on Sunday after the final race was over, I went back to the same tent just as they were packing up. This time, I was interested in a small wrought iron wheelbarrow, again to be placed in the garden with a flower display. The Owner told me that I could have two of them for $30 total which was too good a bargain to pass up. Again, by the time I got them to the car, my bloody arms were dropping off but it was well worth it as all three look real pretty with mixed planter display in each of them. An added item for the upcoming Pond Tour.

One final item of note. On Saturday, a young couple entered the race area supposedly to make an announcement or something similar. However, after he had the crowd’s attention, the young man got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend in front of several hundred people and presented her with an engagement ring. She was totally taken off guard but she did say “Yes” to him. Good job as he would have felt a proper dork if she had turned him down. Congratulations to the happy couple and may they have many years of wedded bliss and lots of kids. In their old age and to their grandkids, they will be able to recount of how Grandad proposed. Stuff that dreams are made of…

When I got home, I had a long discussion with the three dogs in the picture above trying to tell them the wonders of what I had seen and how Richie should enter next year. I don’t think I should anticipate any action from them as they were totally dis-interested.

So much for having a champion wiener dog in my house…