Cold Weather


Sitting inside in the warm
looking out of the window
as the sun is shining bright
but it is cold, very cold.

Watching the dog move around
as he tries to find a spot
in the sun to warm his bones
so he can sleep.

Aware of the birds
who are squabbling on the feeders
along with a squirrel
who steals the sunflower seeds.

Even a pair of rats
from under the small stream close by
braving the hazards of daylight
are picking over the dropped seeds.


The other small dog rushes out
and barks at the squirrel
who chatters back at the dog
and then jumps into the tree.

The rats disappear into the rocks
to the safety of their nest
away from the dog
who is not much bigger than themselves.

Even though the sun is shining
it is too cold to stay outside
so I view the world
through my window.

This is Texas
and tomorrow
when the sun shines
it will be warm.

Free as a Bird…

Goldfinches on a feeder

Goldfinches on a feeder

Oh to be as free as a bird
to come and go and to be heard
as high up in the tree to sing
a call to a mate who is on the wing
letting her know where to rest
so we can together quest
an endless search for food and then
a time to rest before we begin
to do it all over again.

With nests to build and eggs to lay
we are kept busy every day
babies to raise and teach how to wing
so they can join us in everything
a bird has to do as a part of life
for us it is short and full of strife
danger around every corner lies
and we always are looking to the skies
to stretch our wings and to fly away
so we can fly again another day.

Life for us is always this way
to feed and rest no time to play
except when we are on the wing
and flying around with purpose it seems
swift and straight as the bigger birds fly
or swoops and loops are the little guys
all with a purpose that only they know
it may be just to put on a show
but if you were to ask and they could reply
that you wanted to know the reason why
they will say that they haven’t a clue
except this is what all birds do.