Christmas 2017


I am writing this September 29 almost three full months until Christmas Day and have deliberately posted on this Special Day. I think that for the past several years, I have written something about Christmas although never three months before the actual event.

Usually, my writing has been about the commercialization of this time of the year when the significance of Christmas is lost in the chase for the almighty dollar which sadly still reigns supreme for most of the country.

This is the end of September and the first signs of this dollar madness is already showing with ads for Christmas shopping already beginning to appear. The big box stores are already selling Christmas decorations and they are only waiting for Thanksgiving to be over before decorating those stores.  A lot of families who have been paying off their last years Christmas debt are hoping to have enough space on the same credit cards to repeat the process for this year. As for the kids, this is America so get them what they want. They deserve it as they are only young once. Never mind that the family is in debt to pay for the expensive goodies but if their buddy or closest friend has one, then they must have one, whatever it is.

Well, you know what, I refuse to rant and rave about it this year as I have in previous years. This is a time of reflection, of taking a good long look within yourself to see just how you as an individual, measure up. It’s not about the expensive gifts and toys that are forgotten immediately the celebrations are over or about the one upmanship that sadly intrudes upon our lives. This is all about loving thy neighbor, the guy across the street or the homeless man on the street corner who can always use a helping hand. This is a season of giving if no more than a word of thanks.

Lets celebrate Christmas the way it should be by sharing a part of us with those not so fortunate and I can guarantee that not only will each and everyone of us feel just a little bit better but that the world is a little better place.

Happy Holidays to one and all.

Written 9/27/2017

Reflections on Growing Old(er)

Lake Placid. New York State. Reflections on Life

Lake Placid. New York State. Reflections on Life

I used to think that growing old
was one of the worst things that can happen
as we stroll through this life.

In truth, now it has arrived
it is not so bad

It has some benefits not available when we were young
things like time to pick and choose when to do things
knowing that there is always another day

In old age, we never think that we will run out of time
even though one day, the clock will stop
and we shall never know that it has.

The body may not be as spry as it once was
or the mind quite as sharp
or the memory as good
but none of this matters
because we can only live the moment
and all we have is the body, mind and memory
of that time.

Women are just as beautiful as they ever were
back in the day
The difference is that now they are strictly for looking
and never for touching and in truth
the old body is way past its prime
and the mind no longer has the urge.

The almighty dollar is worth less than it was in our youth
but again, we now have more of them in our old age
and they go further because we have no need to spend
on frivolous things.

We are comforted by our pets
who grow old as we do
and we hope that they will not outlive us.

Friends of our youth are long gone from our lives
all we have are those friendships generated since
with people as old as we
who slowly pass, one by one
and we remember them well.

It’s not so bad being old
as long as we are not just a memory.