Texas Summers…


Another hot day in my part of the land
Austin in Texas the place in hand
another hot summer just like before
hotter than the last by a goodly score
one hundred degrees is sometimes the norm
and several days each summer is how it performs
to have consistent one hundred degree days
is not a bit unusual in so many ways
the most days with temperatures this high
was in Wichita, Texas I tell you no lie
when the number of days at 100 degrees
was 100 that the temperature reached
in Austin which is downstate aways
the record stands at 83 days
all of this was in 2011
since then its been like heaven
we have probably had ten days or more
of this temperature but who’s keeping score
all we know when we go outside
is it’s hot out there enough to be fried
but the Texans are a pretty tough bunch
it does not deter them and I have a hunch
that they need to prove to the rest of the land
that a little heat even though not planned
will keep them from doing anything outside
as they know it is normal and they do not hide
instead slap on the lotion and then wear a hat
drink lots of water and be grateful that
although in the summer it gets very hot
in my part of Texas winters are not
one day of snow and a little frost
and winter is over and nothing is lost
so give me the summers in Texas today
and you keep the winters, I prefer it this way.

Written 7/22/2018

Common Sense.


I walked around out in the yard
trying so very, very hard
to ignore the heat that I felt out there
and wondered how much I could bear
before I give up and move back inside
or my face and skin will be fried
even though I had carefully rubbed in
sun tan lotion upon my skin
which would keep me from getting a burn
and please my Doctor from whom I had learned
that too much sun is not good for the skin
and makes bad things grow eventually within
as I worked on things needing to be done
I was thinking about the rising sun
and wondered what I could do instead
as obviously I have been misled
into thinking the task I was working on
was something that would not take long
and I could quickly get it done
before the heat from the sun
made me think for a bit
that maybe tomorrow I can fit
this project into my busy day
and get out early if I have my way
I packed up my tools and put them away
this project can keep for another day
I’ll get up early and while it is cool
do the work that is needed as common sense rules.

Written 7/13/2018

Things to do on a Hot Day

Another day in Texas and the temperature soars
and we wonder where it will top out today
one thing we know and we can be sure
that it is too hot to go out to play
so indoors we’ll stay at least for a while
and write in this blog in different ways
stories and poems that I can compile
using my brain and old cliches
writing is fun when it goes well
not so much when the thought delays
when the words do not come my brain compels
me to think a lot harder as I appraise
the words that I write do they excel
are they unusual in so many ways.

I ask those questions as I stare at the screen
reading what I have already wrote
wondering if this word did mean
exactly what it was that I spoke
or should I change it to make it seem
something different so it would provoke
more thoughts from the reader to make them dream
of the story I’m telling just as I spoke
for poetry is a story I deemed
the reader would feel to the words I wrote
and picture the story just as it’s streamed
from my brain to the keyboard with no misquote.

Written 7/13/2018


What did you do today the store clerk asked
as I checked out the things I had bought
groceries and such and things put away
in case I get hungry during the day.

Oh I don’t know let me think
what did I do different than any day
I said as I helped her pack my stuff
in the bags I had brought just two were enough

Nothing much was different I said
a shower to wake my sleepy head
and coffee to start the morning off right
and feed the dogs with their eyes so bright.

Check on the ponds just to make sure
that everything works just as before
and feed the fish as they splash around
as the gurgling water makes its sounds.

Read my mail and send a response
to all of my friends who have taken the time
to read the blogs that I posted there
as sharing with them to see if they care.

Then back outside in the garden to work
as usually something needs to be done
trim the paths and rake the leaves
as I look at the beauty that my eyes perceive.

Lastly I am here at your store
buying groceries just like before
as I have done about everyday
nothing much changes along the way.

Now I have told you the story of life
as you asked me how was my day
this is how it is now I am old
very little changing as my story is told.

What you heard from me today
of things that happen along the way
is pretty much the way it will be
from here on out to eternity.

The store clerk looked at me so sad
I could tell she wanted to pity me
she went all quiet as if to say
You poor old man what a terrible day.

I looked right back at her and said
young lady I know it’s hard to reply
but look at this from another way
the alternative is that I will die.

As we live our lives out to the end
we make the most of the life we have left
and if that means everyday is the same
I’ll take it so my life to sustain.

She looked back at me and gave me a smile
the look on her face made it all worthwhile
as she finally realized what I had said
that to live like this is better than dead.

She rang me up so I went on my way
thinking of things that happen each day
if nothing much changes from the day before
then I’ll be happy for evermore.

The joys of being old. Who says change is great…

Written 7/10/2018

Grocery Shopping…

Ford Truck

I went out today to the grocery store
as I have many times before
but before I got into my truck
I started the engine and with any luck
the A/C would cool the inside down
comfortable for me to drive downtown.

When I jumped in it was nice and cool
and my Audiobook is my favorite tool
to listen to stories as I drive along
much better to me than to hear a song
which is so much more noise so I prefer
the narrator telling stories that I hear.

Getting out of the truck to go in the store
the temperature was not like before
no portable A/C to keep me cool
hot air blasting from the sun is cruel
to walk as fast as I can to the store
and feel the cool air as I close the door.

I stay in the store as long as I can
walk around buying stuff as the prices I scan
then to the check out I wheel my cart
and chat with the lady as she does her part
as she loads my bags and on my way
I head for the door not pausing to stray.

I walk back out into the heat
a blast from a furnace as I hit the street
and pushed the button to start my truck
so it would cool down and with any luck
would not be as hot inside
instead of feeling like a hundred and five.

I loaded my stuff into the cab
and stashed the cart and quickly grabbed
the handle to the drivers door
to get in the A/C just like before
stop for a latte before driving home
in for the evening no more to roam.

Written 7/21/2018

Blessed Rain


Today we are having rain
something about which we do not complain
as I have said many times before
in Texas it rains and we let out a roar
as a sign of our pleasure for so simple a task
more rain is something we always ask
to combat the heat with the temperatures high
looking for clouds to darken the sky
and hoping that rain will fall on the ground
and so doing will cool the temperatures down.

I took a walk around the yard
in between the showers so hard
to make sure that things were OK
and the ponds could handle the rain this day
I barely had time to make one loop around
before it started to rain on the ground
and I dashed to get in the house and the dry
as the rain continued to fall from the sky
and sat by the window to watch it fall
as the rain is at Natures beck and call.

Written 7/9/2018

Snakes in the House?


I woke up late this morning even for me. I have gotten into the habit of watching the TV until around midnight and then going to bed and unless I have an early morning appointment which, by the way, I try never to have, I don’t get up until 9:00 am. Nice to be retired and in charge of my own time.

Usually, the dogs will get me up to let them out but this morning, even they decided to sleep in probably because it was raining hard. Consequently, it was later than usual and around 10:00 am when I ambled off into the kitchen to open the sliding door to let them out. This is always my first job in the mornings and I am usually in my birthday suit. The dogs have seen me naked a lot of times so it no longer shocks them to see me walking around like that. Not that I make a habit of it but when needs must…


Mikey, as is the usual rule of things, accompanied me into the living room and stopped by the table staring at something on the floor. When I got closer, I could see that it was a large snake close to four feet long. First glance told me that it was probably a Rat Snake based on the color and the fact that the head shape was all wrong for it to be one of the poisonous variety. Other than the first surprise of seeing the snake, I acted remarkably calm and even had time to get my camera which admittedly was only a couple of steps away and took a few pictures. All of this time, Mikey was eying the snake just as puzzled as I was to see it indoors but he didn’t try to attack it as both Ginny and Richie would have done. Different breeds I guess.

The next thing was how to get it out of the house without hurting it as I had no intentions of killing it. Neither was I planning on sharing my house with it for any length of time. I didn’t want to scare it off under some piece of furniture which would make it difficult to get to so I grabbed the first thing close at hand which was a long handled dust brush, the kind that has a long handled dustpan to go along with it. I opened the back door and proceeded to try and literally sweep the snake out of the door. Well, the snake is not like dust and it would not slide very well on the tiled floors. It kept wrapping itself around the brush handle and one time, I almost flipped it back onto myself. Don’t forget, I was totally naked as I battled this monster snake so was especially wary.  Modesty was not a problem but tangling in hand to hand combat with no clothes on was especially daunting.  I had the dickens of a time as it tried to go one way and I tried to make it go the other. I eventually got it pointing in the right direction and it slithered out the door to disappear into a pile of firewood.


Mikey was suddenly brave and bold with the snake gone and chased and sniffed around until he was satisfied that it was safe for him to walk around. What a chicken but on the other hand, I would rather he stay away from snakes as the next one could be lethal. Ginny, who would have attacked the snake was still in bed and missed all of the fun.

I have no idea how the snake got in as the doggy door fits pretty snug as do the outside doors and neither do I know how long it was in the house prior to making an appearance.  It could have come in earlier in the evening when the doggy door was out and we were watching TV. We being me and the dogs although they don’t do much watching but they are up on the couch with me.

It is a bit troubling that I have seen so many snakes in the garden already this year. More than I have ever seen in the 34 years I have lived here. Now, I will have to look ahead at everything in the house as I do in the garden before sticking my feet anywhere.

BTW, this is the first snake in the house that I know of. I did have an Opossum get in the doggy door at my old house way out in the country many years ago but that is a different story.

Talk about Snakes on a Plane, how about Snakes in the House…

Written 7/9/2018