Thoughts on Rain

Rainy Day on the Coast

Rainy Day in Texas

Today, it is raining.

We need the rain here in Texas as we can never get enough.

Not like in England, where I came from 49 years ago.

One of the reasons for leaving was because of the incessant rain.

Three weeks of non-stop rain is enough to make anyone leave, given the opportunity.

It was not all bad. Playing soccer in the rain was fun as was playing on a wet field.

Slipping and sliding through the puddles and trying to kick the ball as it floated away.

On the days I could not work outside when it was really bad was like a holiday.

Albeit an unpaid one. Or we stayed in the shelter and played cards.

We dressed accordingly with rain slickers and wellington boots.

I hated those wellington boots. They turned your feet to mush.

You get used to working in the rain as life goes on wet or dry
Even more so when there are more wet days than dry ones.

Especially as we had no control over the weather.

We adapted accordingly.

Rain or shine.


7 thoughts on “Thoughts on Rain

  1. It still rain in Britain, as you may well know sometimes sunny, other times rain, then the dark clouds, it is like moods – that is how they call it “British weather.” I hope you have made up your mind to move away from USA, have you?


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