How the weather affects us

Another grey day

Another grey day

Another day with the weather bad
staying inside and feeling sad
as I sit by the window and gaze outside
wishing the sun would not hide
like the weather my mood is grey
because inside is where I will have to stay
dreaming of walks along trails so wide
with the sun shining no clouds to hide
taking pictures of anything that appeals to me
to put in my blog so that others can see
instead I sit here wracking my brain
with many thoughts that I choose to disdain
thinking of something about which I can write
a verse or a story about one of the walks
or one of the meeting where someone talked
about ponds or fish or garden plants too
or Thanksgiving just passed spent with friends
eating turkey and pie and other nice things
other people to meet with impossible dreams
of things they want to do with their lives
husbands, lovers, children and wives
and all to soon we go on our way
getting ready to face another grey day…

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