Austin Pond Society Christmas Party November 2015

Members enjoying themselves

Members enjoying themselves

The Austin Pond Society held their Christmas Party for 2015 at the Zilker Gardens Meeting Room on Monday, November 16. It was attended by about 45 members and guests who gathered to celebrate, Thanksgiving and Christmas all rolled into one and also to celebrate another successful year which for us, ends after this evening as we do not meet again until January 18, 2016.

The main course was provided by Austin Pond Society and President Jeannie filled in as the Hospitality Person to cook the meats. Members brought all kinds of side dishes and deserts so there was a wide variety of food all of which was delicious. Even the punch bowl had extra flavor added with a touch of Sangria. Members arrived early to decorate the hall and it was a real showplace with green table cloths and even twinkling, sparkling lights hanging from the ceiling. To add to the spirit of the evening, Christmas music was playing in the background.

Blue Santa's Helpers accepting the check

Blue Santa’s Helpers accepting the check

The main guest for the evening was Blue Santa who unfortunately for us, had a prior engagement so he sent three of his elves, all members of both the EMS or Austin Police Force, to accept the check for $1500 that the Pond Society had donated as part of the proceedings from the Pond Tour. The members had been asked to bring unwrapped toys as gifts for the needy kids in Austin and the gift table was loaded down with their donations which Blue Santa’s crew took with them along with their check. You can see this presentation in the Business Video which also cover the election of Officers to the Board for the upcoming year, 2016.

Table full of donated gifts

Table full of donated gifts

There was one item of business that needed our attention and that was the small matter of electing officers for the 2016 Board. With one exception, the Pond Tour Director, all of the current members of the Board were either re-elected to their existing positions or in the case of BJ, divested herself of the Pond Tour Director role so that she could devote her attention full time to that as the Publicity Director. Ted Paone nominated himself to fill the role as the Pond Tour Director. All of the nominated positions were elected by acclamation.

The only position not yet filled is probably the most important one in the eyes of most of the members and definitely wins the award as the most popular Board member and that is Hospitality. If you or you know of anyone that may be interested have them e-mail Jeannie, our President.

Ugly Sweater Contest

Ugly Sweater Contest

With all of the business out of the way, the first of the evenings entertainment began with the Ugly Sweater Contest. It was not restricted to just sweaters as members came in with ugly ties, ugly hats and some the members were going to enter their wives or husbands as just plain ugly until it was pointed out that was not in the rules. Finally, it was time to roll up the carpet and get the dance floor ready. Beth Coffey and Marlon McAllister from Dancin’ Austin were the dance instructors and also provided the music. They were here to instruct those willing and wanting to learn, the basic steps of country and western dancing. The dozen or so members that participated appeared to have a great time but unfortunately many other members chose the moment to leave either not wanting to join in or maybe they already knew how to dance and weren’t interested in the dance lessons.

Dancing up a storm

Dancing up a storm

The evening finally came to a close around 9:00 pm and all that was left was to clean up and straighten up the tables and chairs. It was a little disappointing that more members did not show up but those that did, enjoyed good food and good company and the camaraderie that comes with having a mutual interest.

Thanks go to Jeannie and the other members of the Board that helped to organize and set this up.

To view the party video:

APS November Party 2015 from Francis Allcorn on Vimeo.

To view the business video:

APS November Business 2015 from Francis Allcorn on Vimeo.

To view the slide show:

2015 Party Slideshow (Enhanced) from Francis Allcorn on Vimeo.


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