Home Improvement – the ups and downs.

The newly painted deck

The newly painted deck

A while ago, I had the urge
to make some changes and in a rush
I changed out the toilets figuring that
I would use less water with a duo flush

At the same time I made them taller
to accommodate my creaky knees
and aching bones that are a part of my life
as growing old is hard to please.

New Glacier Bay Toilet

New Glacier Bay Toilet

Next thing I know, I had a flood
as the septic system backed into the house
so there I was with mop and pail
working hard to clean up the mess

I called the pump truck and they took three weeks
to come clean out both of the tanks
and the contractor I called said to me
“I’m going away on holiday”.


Excavation work under the deck

So I ripped up the deck and dug up the tanks
and did all the work that I could see
and when the contractor returned, he took one look
and said, “How would like to work for me?”

I turned him down and paid his bill
and paid for the parts with no complaint
and went back to work and rebuilt the deck
finishing it off with two coats of paint.

The finished deck

The finished deck

Not content with that after it was done
I decided to remodel one of the baths
and turn it into a shower much safer for me
as I march forward to eternity.

For one of these days I will grow older
enough that it will change my life
and doing the things that are easy for me
a thing of the past, I’m afraid they will be.

The almost finished shower

The almost finished shower

The shower is finished I’m happy to say
all it lacks are the sliding glass doors
with a seat and grab bars already in place
so that as I grow old, it’s just in case.

I have some projects to do outside
things that I have let slide
like dig out the bog and search for a leak
and make the bog bigger, deeper and wide.

 Bog on New Pond

Bog on New Pond

And when I have finished with bog number one
a second bog needs to have work done
as the rats eat the liner to create the leak
and water escapes every day of the week

When they are finished will there be more
I have no plans neither do I seek
just to dust and to clean the whole house
I’ll do that tomorrow or maybe next week

or just maybe…

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