It’s That Time of Year Again…


Christmas Lights

It’s that time of year again
when the world a little crazy goes
the houses all put on a show
to best their neighbor all aglow
with Christmas lights the house festooned
no rhyme nor reason to the theme
Santa’s in sleighs with reindeer in tow
galloping forward with nowhere to go
Jolly snowmen standing where there is no snow
and lights a twinkle and all aglow.


Decorated Tree

Indoors is a Christmas Tree
festooned with lights and sprinkled snow
and under the tree are many gifts
for the children sleeping now
waiting to see what Santa has brought
in the morning all aglow
only the babies really believe
that Santa left the gifts they receive
for the older kids know full well
that Mom and Dad delivered them all.

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

It matters not from whence they came
just so long as it is their gain
and is the thing they want the most
at least until tomorrow comes
when something else will catch their eye
remembering Christmas of my youth
at the end of Christmas day
the empty boxes were more fun to play
maybe because they would soon be gone
and then the presents would remain
there for me another day..

Lots of Lights

Lots of Lights

Merry Christmas

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