Koi for Sale, Need a home, Real Soon.

ATT00002A gentleman who lives in Buda, Texas contacted one of the members of the Pond Society to say that he is closing down his pond and would like to find a home for his Koi and the equipment that the pond uses. It looks like the filtering system he has for sale works extremely well judging by the clear water in the pictures.

Below is a copy of his e-mail along with his contact information.
He has 15-20 Fish small and big 5$-50$
Maxim high performance pump, very energy-efficient.
Two non pressurized huge Koi Clears with 4 inch bulkheads on the intake.  One is a vortex chamber and the other is a mechanical filter with media. Here is a link to their specifications. http://aquaart.com/prefilters2.html.
Knife valves / Slide valves
Two 4 inch bottom drains http://aquaart.com/drains.html

The pond and fish will be ready this Saturday at 12 noon for people to come and make bids on what they would like.

512 468-9708
277 Cullen Blvd.
Buda TX 78610


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