Me and the Cat

Ellie in her favorite place

Ellie in her favorite place

Early morning for me and the cat
as she sat on the floor just inches from me
as we got ready to face the day
the cat looked at me as if to say
what’s going on to pass the time
I looked at the cat so sublime
all sleepy and purring in quiet content
and said,”Don’t know yet, but we’ll figure it out.
First feed the fish and then check the ponds
feed you and the guys as we always do
breakfast for me and a latte or two
just to get going on this new day
from there who knows, yard work or write
do I want to work or play”.

The cat said in her quiet tone
“I think that you will do it alone
for me first a nap and then more food
and as eating is such a tiring thing
another nap to recover my strength
and that should take care of most of my day.
If you finish early as you sometimes do
I’ll come and sit with you just to be friends
and I’ll let you stroke me at the back of my neck
and I will purr and sing you a song
as you and I get along”.

Brown Cat

Brown Cat

Of course the cat doesn’t really talk to me
but I do to her when together are we
and I’m sure that if she could she would say
“Lets spend time together again today
for I’m just a cat but I am your friend
and in this family I am not alone
and I have to wait for my time
as with the dogs and the other cat I share
any time with you that you can spare”.

We’ve been together about fourteen years
and lots has happened in that time
pets have come and pets have gone
as age or illness has taken their toll
and Ellie is moving slower now
and sleeps more as she grows old
and likes to sit close to me
and lets me know that she is there
as she purrs or talks in her peculiar way
as we share the moments of the day.

4 thoughts on “Me and the Cat

  1. An office assistant cat, I see! Our two cats like to sit on the keyboard, or stand on the desk and block the computer screen. They are so persistent and successful at blocking me when I try to work on the computer, I named them “Lo-Tech Computer Screen Blockers” and posted some photos of them on the job. The male cat even yanks photo paper out of the printer (while it is still printing), so he can chew on it. I don’t know why. Maybe he thinks he is helping me, and saving me the effort of shredding the photo in the future.


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