Rain and the Joy of Youth

Rainy and Foggy Day

Rainy and Foggy Day

Today I walked out in the rain
and turned my face up to the sky
it soaked my face and my clothes were wet
and yet I know the reason why
I did not want to wear a coat
or carry an umbrella high
I just want to feel young again
and do things I had forgotten how
as growing up or growing old
takes all the pleasure from the soul
and all of the childhood things we did
when we were just little kids
like walking out in the rain
playing yet another game
walking through every puddle in sight
feet are soaked but we’re not uptight
instead with fetters loosed and no one to care
we revert back to our childhood dream
and with the rain that is teeming down
our spirits soar as we feel free
knowing that this liberty
will only last through the time
until age our spirit does remind
we are no longer kids and free
to walk that way out in the rain
as adults we can do what we like
and the choice is ours how we decide
but the carefree way it happened then
can only be if we’re young again.

 “Oh to be young again and splash through the puddles without a care…”


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