Communicating with the fish…

Large Koi

Large Koi

I had reason to get in a pond today
and the fish asked,”Are you here to play”
“Alas”, I said “I have no gills
to swim with you would be a thrill
my place is on land where best I can dwell
to tend to your needs and keep you well”.

“Okay” they said, “Here is our list
of all the things that need to be fixed,
for starters, those turtles have got to go
they eat our eggs and babies too
and really they haven’t got a clue
when it comes to basking in the sun
instead of laying on the rocks
they lay instead on the plant pots
and kill the plants by trampling them down
and blowing our cover when the Heron comes round”.

“Talking of Heron”, one fish exclaimed,
“what can you do to make us safe.
for every time that he lands near
we are all shaking in fear
for one of us that bird will take
and for himself, breakfast will make

Red Eared Slider

Red Eared Slider

Oh yes, and also, by the way
when it comes to dishing out the food
the food is OK but we want more
it’s not like we are keeping score
but twice a day is not enough
so please, we need more of the stuff”.

Of course the fish were not talking to me
as in their pond I went about my task
although I am sure that if they could
their conversation on those lines would be
as those are the things that I worry about
and spend my time finding things out
like fences around each of the ponds
with doggy shockers that I keep turned on
and pumps and aerators to keep them safe
keeping water filtered, the muck to replace
and the fish have clean water to spend their time
which makes both of us feel fine.

New Pond

New Pond

I learned a long time ago
never to name the fish on show
as really I have no control
even though I do my best
as at any time they can get sick
which always ends in a bad way
and they can no longer play
and sadly I net them from the pond
as for them, their life has gone.

This is the way that Nature has deemed
that all living things a short time will dwell
in water, on land or in the air
as others are born to take their place
to continue each of their kind of race
fish are no exception to this rule
as they come and go even though it’s cruel
to lose your most favorite of fish
as that is Mother Natures wish.


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