I Can Remember When…

Red Rose Bud

Red Rose Bud

I can remember when
as a young man
I could run and jump
and play hard without fear
and make love

I can remember when
the world was a place
full of wonder and promise
and everything was new
and a challenge

I can remember when
time stretched out ahead
as though for eternity
and growing old
was for others

I can remember when
the beauty of a woman
was a thing to be revered
and raised passion and feelings
and urges desperate to fulfill

I can remember when
every pet I have lost
and the grief I felt
only to be replaced
by other pets

I can remember when
a life full of promise
waiting to be lived
there for the taking
with both hands

I can remember when
all of the love I have shared
with women who loved me back
only for it to fade
and die

Now I am grateful that
I can still remember when.

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