The Upside of losing a pet

Mini, Be-Be,Manley and Fat Cat on the couch...

Mini, Be-Be,Manley and Fat Cat on the couch…

Though the death of a pet is a devastating blow
and the grief really hurts as we all well know
there are some positives to be found
which helps get through this loss so profound

Danny, Richie and BeBe

Danny, Richie and BeBe

In the case of Danielle the dog we just lost
a forty pound mutt all covered in hair
every time she came in she would give a shake
and half of the yard she would leave in her wake
she would never clean up after one of these shakes
instead, would amble to her chair
curl up and sleep and leave more hair
for me to sweep up by the pound
if a use for dog hair could be found
a small fortune she left just hanging around

Fat Cat

Fat Cat

The same is true when Fat Cat passed
after a run in with one of the dogs
and even though she did last the night
by the morning she had breathed her last.
She had this habit because of her size
of not using the litter box that I did provide
instead she would find a corner to use
all I had to do was follow my nose
to locate her accident and get out the mop
to clean the spot that she forgot.

Young Manley as he was known

Young Manley as he was known to me

Manley another one of our clan
had a stroke or heart attack in my arms
and passed peacefully away
to be buried the next day out in the yard
Manley was a little male Maltese
and for a while had a harem of dogs
and because of this even though he was fixed
would mark every corner or protrusion to say
this is my territory, better stay away.



The only one that did not do bad things
was Mini the Scottie and truth to say
she had long hair and probably shed
but it mixed in with Danielle’s, who got the blame
and Minnie just went on with her play
smiling her dog smile as she ran away

So you see that not everything is bad
there are positives out there to be had
you just have to think in reverse
and instead of thinking of the worst
the fact that one of your pet’s has just died’
can be balanced against what they won’t provide
in the future for you to clean or mop
one less chore for you to stop.

Who am I kidding with these fairy tales
truth is I did not mind to clean
and even though I might have complained
I would gladly do it again
if all of my friends were still around
as we do not consider the cleaning a chore
and the life of our pet’s is worth so much more.

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