Today  is Sunday the second part
of the weekend and for a start
a long and leisurely breakfast time
reading the paper and catching up with the news
to see what other people’s views
are of this world on this day of rest
at least is how we have been blest.

Eating Breakfast and catching up with the news...

Eating Breakfast and catching up with the news…

After breakfast the chores to do
those that were saved the whole week through
that did not require immediate need
so instead were left for us to proceed
with them on this the first day
and before we can go out to play.

For some it is a holy day
and to church they will go where they will pray
for forgiveness for all of the things they have done
in the week just past starting from day one
and better will feel with sins forgiven
even though it’s subject to having
true belief in whatever deity they believe in.

People going to church

People going to church

Others through the motions will go
not true believers but feel they must show
that they are good and religious too
and even though they haven’t a clue
will sing and kneel and pray to rote
at the bidding of the man in the pulpit who spoke
of the need for this or maybe for that
with the bottom line a donation to give
to make forgiveness complete for those who live
in the shadows of religion who go through the game
of pretence because its their station in life.
or maybe it’s because their wife
insists that to church they must go.

With religious concepts out-of-the-way
they now have the rest of the day
to do whatever they have planned
a walk in the park, a wifely command
do this or do that or we really should
go visit, go see  or what if we could
drive here, go there I know the place
and so it goes on until they decide
what to do with the rest of the day.

Fun at the beach

Fun at the beach

The day is over and with its true
another weekend is gone and we haven’t a clue
where did the time go, it went by so fast
and we know this is not the last
weekend when we feel the need
to pack as much into the time for the speed
of the weekends as we all know
instead of being nice and slow
gets faster and faster with each passing minute
until we have reached the limit
of the time allotted to each weekend
and it’s Monday morning all over again.

Back to work with the humdrum stuff
from nine to five we sweat and slave
counting the days as time drags on by
until its Friday at last, just one more day
then we can do it again in just the same way…




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