Been a while…

BeBe in the middle of the jungle

BeBe in the middle of the jungle

It’s been a while since I posted last
quite a bit of time has passed
at least a month and maybe more
I don’t know as I don’t keep score
all I know that the time that has passed
has not been wasted and will not be the last
when other things get in the way
things I do from day-to-day
like administering for a soccer league
or checking rosters for Texas State Cups

The Streams and Pond

The Streams and Pond

And I’ve been busy on other things
enough to keep me away from this blog
and writing which I love to do
has to take a back seat when duty calls
especially as money I get
from doing these tasks as they arise
which helps pay the bills as they come in
as they usually do on a regular day
gas for the car, food for me
and don’t forget the menagerie
of five dogs, two cats and seventy Koi
all demanding their share of the spoils
to feed their hungry bellies they know
that they come first on our food chain
and in return they give me love
and attention too although it should be said
that I have yet to see a Koi show love
and probably that’s just as well
as I have watched their rituals to mate
chasing each other around the pond
and crashing and bumping is part of the game
which I am not going to join in.

Best of Buddies in the sun

Best of Buddies in the sun

It’s a beautiful day as I sit here
looking out of the window and at the yard
that is already alive with plants so green
Nature has already started her thing.
The dogs are sitting out in the sun
enjoying the warmth and taking in rays
It has been windy and things are down
I need to get out and clean up the mess
which I will do just as soon as I
finish this poem of my thoughts
and apologies for those of you
who can’t wait to read the words that I write
and wondering what has happened to them
as these past few weeks has taken my time
on other more pressing, more urgent things.

The time away has not all been in vain
as I have collected words and pictures of things to write
and have them stored and when the time comes
will be back writing in my usual way.



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