A New Year and Resolutions

Happy New Year Toast

Happy New Year Toast

Today is the first day of a New Year
a day to face without any fear
For what we had yesterday is still here
and not much has changed, just the year

We all like to think its a brave New Year
and that things somehow will be changed
but in truth things continue on
and yesterdays problems are still the same

We all get emotional this time of year
and promise to do so much more
to lose the weight, to go work out
or whatever else on which we keep score

For some, resolutions are made in good faith
with all of the best intentions
but then reality sets in, our memory forgets
just what we resolved and better yet
we think of a hundred reasons why
we are not able to comply.

Out the window goes our resolve
and that doughnut looks better each time
lose weight, what me, I look good like I am
besides whose keeping count of the time
that I go back for more food
as that resolution of mine
was just wishful thinking for I knew
that I would never be able to see it through.

Muscle Man

Muscle Man

As for the gym, who needs to work out
that is for young guys who already are slim
except for the muscles that they show off to their friends
most of whom belong to the gym.
working out is a chore and mostly a bore
and darn repetitious too, it takes so much time
and progress is slow, who cares other than you.

I guess I’ll just slip back to my comfortable old ways
even though my intentions were good
as I did really mean it this time
and though I have said it all before
to change requires that I give something up
would that be lunch with my workmates
happy hour with my friends
and lets not forget dinner with the wife
they take all of my time that I have none to spare
and for me to work out I just do not care.

Man Bowling

Man Bowling

I am ready to compromise though
as I have joined a bowling team
and once a week we go to the lanes
play a game and drink a couple of beers
and after we usually get a snack
at one of the fast food  joints on the way back

Most of the muscles I have got
are in my right bicep for that is the one
that raises my glass and my fork too
and lifts the heavy ball from the frame
and anything that requires that I strain
or effort to do anything at all
even pushing my pen on paper to write
requires the effort which I do not much have
and I was talking of going to the gym
I must have been drinking at that time
for that thought to enter my mind.

Maybe I’ll just wait for Lent
and think of something to give up
it can’t be food and I need the drink
but better yet I know what I’ll do
is to give up resolve for what good is that to me
as I can’t follow its destiny, yes that’s what I’ll do
and then the rest of the year
I can sit back contented and know that I found
a new way of getting around
when asked by my wife I will say
I have given up resolve in every way
and as Tiny Tim once said, “God Bless us everyone”.


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