The woman is always the boss

The woman is (nearly) always the boss!

It would be nice if I had a wife
to cook and clean and do the things
that wives of old used to do
before the World changed and all but a few
go out to work to earn their pay
breadwinners to save the day
equal in stature as the man of the house
when sometimes their earnings are more than their spouse
as Lawyers and Executives they have become
which takes up their time no longer as one
with babysitters and kinder garden a part of their lives
as they struggle to maintain the standard that gives
them comfort in knowing that’s how they live.

More than a few wish it were not so
a stay at home Mom is part of the dream
but sorry to say it will not be
because those things no longer exist
as times have changed and we have moved on
never to be the same again
as our parents used to live their lives
with Mom at home and Dad at work
and even though times may have been hard
with not enough money to go around
the kids still had food and clothes to wear
and they made their own fun out in the fields
closer to Nature than the kids of today
who are wired to computers and the games they play.

Do I still need a wife to cook and clean
or am I just living a dream
of the way that things used to be
I know that never to return
so to cook and clean I have learned
cheaper by far than having a wife
and for me with much less strife
as twenty years of living alone
with dogs for company who never talk back
and who worship the very ground and never nag
or ever have things for me to do
instead just happy all the time
and the one thing they let me be
and that is head of the family.

It must be said I am no prize
and no woman would want to live with me
at least not for long if they were smart
as too selfish am I to share my life
without causing a bunch of strife
and that is why I have no wife
after twenty years and that’s OK
as me and the dogs like it that way.

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This Dull Gray Day

Dull Grey Day

Dull Grey Day

Looking out of my window at a dull grey day
hoping that the clouds will soon pass away
and that the sun will shine to brighten the way
on this dull grey day.

If it were to rain I would not mind
for we will take rain of any kind
and rain we need to keep things green
but not this dull grey day.

As I look out my mood reflects
what I see through the glass
trying hard to cheerful be
on this dull grey day.

At last the sun is peeking through
and the mood is lifting with the different view
and happy are we with feelings anew
from this dull grey day.

Writing Mood, Poetry or Prose.

Wonders of the mind

Wonders of the mind

After weeks of working on other things
videos and such with a different theme
I finally finished that piece of work
and can return to my roots and to my art.
Photographs and images are wonderful things
to capture the moment and make time stand still
it is a different view that the artist finds
looking through the lens the picture to define.

When I look at things through a writers eyes
my mind is the camera the picture to align
the words come to me and as fast as I can
I write them down before they decline.
sometimes they come to me in verse
and as a poem they appear on the page
whether they have meaning and a story tell
I don’t know if I’m doing it well.

How successful will be this poem of mine
do the words actually rhyme
is there a story to go with this verse
or is it just a jumbled up mess.
I guess regardless how others see
whether they hear the words I write
I write for myself and not for them
these words, these poems are mine to lend.

It seems poetry is the nicest way
for me to write the words I see
and although short pieces of prose I do
there is something inside of me
that wants to put everything in verse
and I do not know which is worse
bad poetry not written at all well
or bad prose with no story to tell.

I guess dear reader you must decide
for you are ones that I hope reads this stuff
regardless of how you may find
I will continue to write as it comes to my mind.

“Thanks for reading my blog”





Free as a Bird…

Goldfinches on a feeder

Goldfinches on a feeder

Oh to be as free as a bird
to come and go and to be heard
as high up in the tree to sing
a call to a mate who is on the wing
letting her know where to rest
so we can together quest
an endless search for food and then
a time to rest before we begin
to do it all over again.

With nests to build and eggs to lay
we are kept busy every day
babies to raise and teach how to wing
so they can join us in everything
a bird has to do as a part of life
for us it is short and full of strife
danger around every corner lies
and we always are looking to the skies
to stretch our wings and to fly away
so we can fly again another day.

Life for us is always this way
to feed and rest no time to play
except when we are on the wing
and flying around with purpose it seems
swift and straight as the bigger birds fly
or swoops and loops are the little guys
all with a purpose that only they know
it may be just to put on a show
but if you were to ask and they could reply
that you wanted to know the reason why
they will say that they haven’t a clue
except this is what all birds do.

Rain and the Joy of Youth

Rainy and Foggy Day

Rainy and Foggy Day

Today I walked out in the rain
and turned my face up to the sky
it soaked my face and my clothes were wet
and yet I know the reason why
I did not want to wear a coat
or carry an umbrella high
I just want to feel young again
and do things I had forgotten how
as growing up or growing old
takes all the pleasure from the soul
and all of the childhood things we did
when we were just little kids
like walking out in the rain
playing yet another game
walking through every puddle in sight
feet are soaked but we’re not uptight
instead with fetters loosed and no one to care
we revert back to our childhood dream
and with the rain that is teeming down
our spirits soar as we feel free
knowing that this liberty
will only last through the time
until age our spirit does remind
we are no longer kids and free
to walk that way out in the rain
as adults we can do what we like
and the choice is ours how we decide
but the carefree way it happened then
can only be if we’re young again.

 “Oh to be young again and splash through the puddles without a care…”

Austin Pond Society-Post Tour Review 2014

White Lily

White Lily

AUSTIN POND SOCIETY- POST POND TOUR MEETING June 16, 2014. Images and Videos by Francis

At the June 16th 2014 regular meeting of the Austin Pond Society, the membership had previously been asked to provide some sort of dish for a pot luck supper in honor of the passing of Sonja O’Sullivan, our long-standing Hospitality Chef.

Enjoying the meal

Enjoying the meal

The theme was Mexican but other than that, it was fair game for whatever the members decided to bring. We were not disappointed and there were some very interesting dishes making it very obvious to those of us single guys in the group, that we were missing out on good home cooked food. As usual, not wanting to inflict my not so hot cooking skills on anyone, I opted to bring a tin of cookies (definitely not home cooked nor interesting).

Following the dinner, President Jeannie brought us back from the pleasures of eating to the business in hand i.e. the Pond Tour. Karl, as Chairman and Head Honcho of the Tour, provided a running commentary as the slide show that Glen Hubenthal had put together, flashed across the screen. The owners that were present each gave a small summary of their thoughts and experiences and there was good feedback and ideas that we can incorporate in the next years Tour. It appeared that most if not all of the owners enjoyed the experience and Karl, not one to miss an opportunity, was plugging away about repeating on next years tour while they were still feeling good.

Karl -The Head Tour Honcho

Karl The Head Tour Honcho

Unfortunately, Glen, who was operating the computer for the slide show, ran into some technical difficulty and while he was trying to get it straightened out, Jeannie conducted what little business that we had and even squeezed in the drawing for the prizes that usually closed the meeting. She did mention that we were still looking for someone to take over the Hospitality position and also we had an opening for a Special Events person. Glen managed to get the slide show back up and running and those members still interested stayed to see it out. As it happened, there were no owners present for the missing/delayed video so no feelings were hurt.

BJ, the Other Main Organizer

BJ, the Other Main Organizer

The general consensus from the group and especially the owners, was that everything had run pretty smoothly and things had gone well. Many thanks to Karl and B.J. as the chief organizers and to the rest of the Board and the many volunteers without whom, we could not run the Tour and of course, the owners for opening their ponds and gardens to the public. Thank You All.

Below is a video of the meeting and it includes most of the slideshow. Apologies for the quality of the slideshow from my end as a video camera taking a picture of a video does not give very good results.

Post Pond Tour 2014 Review from Francis Allcorn on Vimeo.

If you want to view all twenty of the ponds on the Tour, use the following link.

Ripples Publication June 2014

The next meeting is Monday, July 21st starting at 6:30 pm at Zilker Botanical Gardens in Austin. All are welcome including non-members.